Privacy Policy

Updated 08 May 2018

I do not collect mailing data and do not send out marketing emails.

If you contact me I we will reply for the purposes of expiditing a booking or answering your enquiry.

Your email address is therefore held on my PC and my email system (provided by  I generally clean out my emails every year or so and keep the previous 2 years worth.

In addition, if you make a booking your name, telephone number and email address will be entered into my online calendar (provided by

I supply electronic invoices and will enter your email address in an online  invoicing system (provided by Paypal)

Both these huge companies have stated that they comply with GDPR legislation.


So in short I hold very limited data about the people who contact me.

Name, Email Address, Telephone Number and a trail of emails.

I do not collect data about other people (such as visitors to the website) .

The website is built on wordpress which does set cookies but these are purely to allow the site to work.

We do record the IP addresses of hack attempts (using the Wordfence plugin) but this is purely to stop future hacking attempts and so falls out of scope of GDPR legislation.

You have the rights to the data we hold about you including the right to demand its removal. Where such requests do not conflict with the laws of the UK we will seek to carry them out as rapidly as possible.  To request further information please contact me at or phone me directly.