Windsor Evening Tours

Evening Walking Tours of Windsor

As the last tourist bus heads off for the day, a hush descends over the old cobbled streets . In the evening light the ancient stones of the castle walls take on a honeyed hue, and in the of stillness of dusk and the calm quiet of the evening, history itself  whispers that little bit louder.

Walk with Chris in the footsteps of Kings and Queens. On an evening tour of Windsor you will discover Shakespeare’s favourite inn, and hear some of the more unusual tales of bygone Windsor. See where Charles II and his lover Nell Gwynn once walked. Explore the streets that Sir Christopher Wren knew as a boy. Pass the shop where the young H.G. Wells worked. Your award-winning guide Chris Brown will lead you through British history and finish by taking you to a great pub or restaurant so you can enjoy Windsor hospitality at your leisure.

This tour is a great choice for corporate entertainment. At the end of a day of meetings, delegates will welcome the gentle exercise and fascinating entertainment that a guided tour can bring.

Our guide can take tour parties large or small (up to 35 people) for an hour long tour of historic Windsor town. This will be your private tour so we can be very flexible to suit your arrangements.

windsor tour group

Chris’ tour gets a thumbs up.

Windsor Evening Tour Itinerary

We usually start our evening tours at the riverbank with stories of the founding of the town and the neighbouring village of Eton with its famous college. Then a stroll past 16th Century pubs, and up past the Castle walls with stories of Kings and Queens, murders, treason, and all manner of bad behaviour.

windsor castle at dusk

We walk the old cobbled streets, discover Shakespeare’s little townhouse, see where King Charles conducted his extramarital affairs and hear some of the more unusual tales of bygone Windsor. Then round to the long walk for tales of Harry and Meghan’s wedding, bombs and evil Canadians (yes, Windsor has some really odd history).

Thereafter to the Guildhall where Prince Charles married Camilla and Elton married David. You may also hear tales of famous residents (from H.G. Wells to Natalie Imbruglia and many more).

This is just an outline, but each tour is unique. Your guide Chris is great at adjusting the content according to the interests of the group.

“Our international group loved the information you shared as we wandered around Windsor. The level of detail was perfect, and the information shared sparked some interesting conversations over dinner! Thanks so much Chris!”
Cara Gould- Roche

For more information about a Windsor Guided Tour please feel free to send us an enquiry or call us on 07969 926943.