Windsor Treasure Hunt

Do you need a good activity for groups in Windsor. We have arranged treasure hunts for clients in the past and would be happy to do one for your day.

A great Windsor Treasure Hunt

We consider health and safety issues, practicalities and that elusive enjoyment factor; combine them with our extensive local knowledge and deliver a really first rate treasure hunt that helps teams to bond, provides a welcome change from the meeting room and also shows off Windsor to visitors.

Each organisation has slightly different needs so we can create a bespoke hunt specifically designed for your group.

If you want a short treasure hunt lasting just an hour we can do that or if you would prefer the activity to last a full morning or afternoon we can organise that too.

If you want us to sort out prizes and even arrange for umbrellas in case of wet weather, just ask and we can take care of it for you.

We can even sort out an award ceremony for you with a guest celebrity to hand out the prizes (no, not Her Majesty i’m afraid… we are good, but not THAT good.)

Call us on 01753 854595 and see what we can do for you.